Wednesday, 30 April 2014

A comparison of the Kalash Gandau and remains of pre-Christian idols in the Republic of Armenia.

Further to the previous two posts on comparisons between the religious art of the Kalash and Armenian people, I post this, comparing the "Gandau" statues used in Kalash funery art and remains of pre-Christian idols in various museums in the Republic of Armenia.

Some examples of the "Gandau" of the Kalash people:
Kalash "Gandau" wooden statues, photo taken circa 1929, from the website:
Modern Kalash "Gandau" tend not to have the elaborate Turban:
From the website:
Visiting the city of Etchmiadzin in the Republic of Armenia in November 2010, I went to the Museum and saw this fragment of a pre-Christian idol:
Before this, I had visited the ancient ruin of Erebuni, east of the capital city of the Republic of Armenia, Yerevan, and saw this fragment of a pre-Christian idol in the Erebuni Museum:
I had visited the National Museum of Armenia in Yerevan as well, but photography is not allowed there, so I did some sketches of the artifacts inside:
Note also my sketch of the "Altar Slab" from the ancient city of Dvin, Republic of Armenia, we will see this "head arrangement" in later photos...
Note my sketch of an "Idol from Shamiran", note the cross (+) on the side of the head. Republic of Armenia dated to 1100 BC
20th century wooden Kalash Gandau, note the cross (+) on it's chest. From the website:
In October 2011 I visited the cave of Anapat. It has numerous heads carved into the rock face. The purpuse of the creation of the cave and its carvings is not known.
There is a narrow chamber, to the right of the entrance, that could have been for entombment of bodies. To the left was a stone door, now gone. There is a further chamber in that direction.
Most of the faces resemble those seen on the "Dvin" Altar slab, though there is one main carving featuring four women with a Lion beneath them.
Steps that lead to the above of the cave.
Face of Lion with its front paws.
"Ibex" type Goat head.
Compare the above photo with the detail of a Goat head carving (with a female figure clasping its horns) from a Kalash wooden carving:
From the website
A Lion, six female figures are above it.


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