Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Ionic column, fragment, Artashat, National Museum Of Armenia

Below is my sketch of two sections of an Ionic column from the National Museum Of Armenia, followed by a photo I took in July 2011 of a block of Limestone in situ at old Artaxata (modern Khor Virap), the only visable fragment left of the old city.

Also a screen shot from Google Maps© where I have marked the location of that Limestone block in relation to the modern church site of Khor Virap.
Note also in the screenshot a rectalingular shape on the ground to the north of that block, below the walls of the church.

The column sections were about 70 cm in diametre, that block was about 60 x 60 cm and likely formed the foundation of a temple, if not the same temple the column sections came from.

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