Monday, 28 April 2014

Other similar symbols of Armenia and the Kalash people

Saw this photo, of a detail from the inside of a Kalash mens Temple, from the website

Kalash Shrine (Malosh) dedicated to the God "Mahando", with wooden Horse heads, from the website:
Shutter panels from a Verandah, in the "Nuristan" (formerly Kafiristan) region of Afghanistan, from the website:
 Compare with my photo of the base of an early medieval Khatchkar, outside a Chapel, near the ruined Cathedral of Talin, Republic of Armenia.
Detail from the base of an early Medieval Khatchkar, near Talin Cathedral, Republic of Armenia.
A wooden Ram sculpture, on the exterior wall of the Kalash mens Temple, from the website
A stone Ram carving, one of many elaborate relief sculptures on the exterior of the Armenian Cathedral of the Holy Cross, on the island of Akhtamar, now in the Republic of Turkey.

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