Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Orontid Dynasty: Orontes III

Orontes III was King of Armenia, the year of his accension is not known as his father, Mithrenes I, retook control of Armenia from 321 BC.

In the reign of Orontes III the royal capital was moved from Armavir to Yervandashat in 302 BC.

He struggled for control of the region of Sophene with king Antiochus I until being defeated in 272 BC and was forced to pay a large tribute which included 300 talents of silver and 1,000 horses and mules.

Orontes III was subsequently murdered in the same year, whether at the instigation of king Antiochus I is not recorded.
His son, Sames (Old Persian: Sham), continued to rule in Sophene, obviously as a Satrap for king Antiochus.


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